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8-11 am

Apologetics Forum
1-5 PM
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7-9 PM
Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord, Megamall FOG
Mary, Mother of God


9-11 AM: Poveda

730-10 PM
Xavier School


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Univ. Southern Phils


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St. Francis Xavier Maj Seminary


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Abraham, Moses


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David, Solomon, Jesus


2-5 PM:  DLSZ

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Mary, Peter, Paul

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FOG: “The Footprints Of God” Lecture Series

DFF Basic Apologetics Seminar 2009 Starts!!!

DFF Basic Apologetics Seminar 2009 Starts Amidst Brewing Storm!!!

The long wait is finally over!!!

Despite the brewing storm, the 2009 Basic Apologetics Seminar 2009 sponsored by Defensores Fidei Foundation kicked off yesterday at the Training Room (3rd Floor) of Amici Building (formerly Red Ribbon), Connecticut cor. Missouri Streets, Greenhills, San Juan.

Around forty (40) participants attended the first day of the Seminar. The topic on the Church was discussed by Prof. Marwil N. Llasos, OP. Prof. Llasos, a lawyer and professor of law by profession, is an associate member of Defensores Fidei Foundation since 2004. He is also a commissioned lay preacher and a consecrated secular of the Company of St. Dominic.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima presides in 2009 DFF Apologetics Seminar

Prof. Llasos led the opening prayer. After his spontaneous prayer of praise, thanksgiving and petition, he led the recitation of the morning prayer of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The official DFF pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima presided the seminar. Prof. Llasos consecrated the DFF, the seminar, the speakers and the participants to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.

DFF Chairman Mr. Henry Siy, gives an overview of the Apologetics Course

Mr. Henry Siy, founding Chairman of Defensores Fidei Foundation, welcomed the participants and gave a brief overview of apologetics. He also introduced Defensores Fidei Foundation and mentioned the group’s projects and programs for the past fruitful years.

Mr. Henry Siy lectures on Apologetics and introduces DFF and its apostolate

Prof. Marwil N. Llasos, OP, then discussed the meaning, nature and origin of the Church. He proved based on Sacred Scripture and history that the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ is the Roman Catholic Church. He pointed out that the four marks of the Church were present from the foundation of the Church by Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:13-19. He demonstrated that these four (4) marks – unity, holiness, catholicity and apostolicity – are present in the Roman Catholic Church alone.

It’s blessed to be Catholic: Mr. Henry Siy exhorts participants to finish the course

The outline of the lecture on the Church may be found in the blog entry below.

Ecclesiology: Prof. Marwil N. Llasos,OP, preaches the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church

After the lecture of Prof. Llasos, he welcoed questions from the participants. Several questions were raised. Among these questions was the request for clarification of the maxim “outside the Church, there is no salvation.”

Bro. Marwil N. Llasos and Sis. Zelfa Fabregas of the Legion of Mary

The seminar ended with the praying of the Angelus led by Sr. Zelfa Fabregas, an aspirant to the Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCD) in Lipa Carmel.

Legionaries attend the seminar. Bro. Jose Eleazar Adawag, Sis. Ruth Fabregas-Adawag, and Sis. Zelfa Fabregas

The participants were very thankful to the DFF for organizing the seminar. They said that they learned much about the Church and the lecture has deepened their faith. They pledged that they will share what they learned to others so that they, too, will see the splendor of the truth and the beauty of the faith in Our Holy Mother the Church.

Bro. Mars Llasos and Sr. Zelfa Fabregas

We commend and thank all the participants for coming despite the heavy rains and flood brought about by typhoon Ondoy. Some of them got stranded on their way home. May the all-merciful and benevolent God who cannot be outdone in generosity bless and protect you always!

Note: The next lecture is on the Bible to be given by Mr. Carlos Antonio Palad on October 3, 2009, 9:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon at the Training Room (3rd Floor) of Amici Building (formerly Red Ribbon, the same building occupied by Totus Bookstore), Connecticut cor. Missouri Streets, Greenhills, San Juan.

The 2009 DFF Basic Apologetics Seminar will end in December 2009. For details, please call Totus Bookstore at telephone number (02) 723-4326.

Participants were all ears to the lecture on the Church
Participants exchange views, reactions and opinions prior to the open forum

After the seminar, participants enjoy their Italian meal at Amici. In the picture are members of the Refugium Peccatorum Praesidium of the Legion of Mary in Sto. Domingo Parish headed by their Spiritual Director, Bro. Mars Llasos

Know The Truth Seminar

Here is the tentative schedule for Defensores Fidei 2009 Apologetics Course:

September 26  Church – Atty Marwil Llasos
October 3   Holy Bible – Chief de Vera
October 10   Papacy – Iboy Pinga
October 17  Sacraments 1 – Digoy Fernandez
October 24  Sacred Tradition/Magisterium – Dr. Dicky Boncan
October 31  Sacraments II – Fr. Abe Arganiosa, CRS (All Saints Day weekend!)
November 7  Church History – Chief de Vera
November 14  Mariology – Atty Marwil Llasos
November 21  Christology and Holy Trinity – Fr. Cayo Estrada
November 28  Sola Fidei/Sola Scriptura – Chief de Vera
December 5  Local Sects – Atty Marwil Llasos
December 12  ‘Bible Christians’ – Foreign Sects – Chief de Vera
December 19  Graduation and Christmas Party

Time: 9:00am – 12:00nn (Registration starts at 8:30am)



Training Room of Amici Greenhills
3rd Floor Missouri Square Bldg
Connecticut corner Missouri Streets
Northeast Greenhills
Please call Lerma at 723-4326 for updates


This is the surprise announcement I’ve been telling friends since the other day. Now, it can be formally announced. Bro. Mars will be returning to Sorsogon and will appear at our Apologetic TV program THE SPLENDOR OF THE CHURCH ‘LIVE’.

The last time he visited us Bro. Mars gave the anti-Catholics an intensity 7 earthquake by his hard hitting, clear and precise answers to the questions. Now, the earthquake could reach intensity 9 with accompanying Volcanic eruptions because it will not just be a TV appearance but a conference to be attended by the College Students of Aemilianum College and also open to the public.


report from “Reflections” blog

The following report from “Reflections” blog. The event described here refers to the parish recollection. Bro. Carlos Palad preached before 400 people in San Isidro Labrador parish in Marikina, Diocese of Antipolo.

April 7, 2009

I just came from a recollection sponsored by our Parish Church and the speaker was a very young apologist, Caloy Palad. He is 26 years old and single, but his topic was about the Filipino Catholic family, marriage, and the recent congressional moves about contraception and population control. I wondered about his qualification, he being young and single , but he spoke well. He was well informed ( he would not be an apologist if he were not) and was able to answer questions thrown by the audience convincingly and with much authority. Having attended and conducted similar talks before, however, I was almost tempted to dismiss this one as just “one of those talks” which would not offer anything new. Indeed, most of the information I heard I had heard many times before but there was one topic which, for me, made the night truly a night for recollection and reflection. He said ‘ women are meant to become mothers.’ He then offered a lot of explanations and sited Papal letters/encyclicals to support this position, even covered those who enter into single blessedness and sisterhood.

Women are meant to become mothers…… I remember at Grade four when our teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. I wanted to answer “to be a renowned doctor” because in my mind I really wanted to be one. But when I stood in front of the class, I was impelled to say “to become a good mother.” What made me do that? I almost died of shame when I heard my classmates laugh. And so that episode in my life stuck in my memory like glue. In retrospect, I can offer a lot of explanations for that unexpected answer. But what is important now is the affirmation that being a good mother is as good as being a well known surgeon, or a successful business man, or a fantastic career person. I am meant to be a mother and it is my primordial duty to become a good one. Am I a good mother? I have raised my children to be good children – they know their responsibilities, they are respectful of their elders, they have ambition, they are well mannered. I can enumerate countless qualities of my children which can tell me that I have been a good mother. In the end, though, the only measure I need to satisfy is if I have led my children towards God. I sincerely hope that I do.


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Defensores Fidei Foundation’s resource speaker CARLOS PALAD will be a speaking tomorrow, June 14, 2009, 8:30 – 10:00 PM, on DZMM 630 KHz as a guest speaker on Salitang Buhay. The topic will be the Holy Eucharist, in time for the celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi last Thursday.

I invite all of you to listen together with your family and friends. Please invite as many as you can. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the HOLY EUCHARIST. Enjoy!

Fr. Reuter’s last article

                           Hoping we will be one, forever
AT 3 A.M. By James B. Reuter Updated May 16, 2009 12:00 AM


I am in Our Lady of Peace Hospital, on the Coastal Road, and it is really 3:00 a.m. The planes coming and going from the airport are roaring over my head.

Everything is peaceful and quiet. Even the roaring planes add to the feeling of peace and quiet.

I am ten days away from my 93rd birthday. God has been kinder to me than I deserve, giving me such a rich life, in such a beautiful country, among such gentle people. He has blessed me with so many kind, affectionate, generous, loving friends.

I found that the best time for me to write was at 3:00 a.m. My mind is clearer, my heart is warmer, and I am overwhelmed with the goodness of the people God sends to me.

In this column I have always tried to be positive – presenting the goodness of people, and the wisdom of God’s Providence as I saw it.

I have tried to give. . . . . To give the only thing I have to give. . . . Myself. I have tried to share my thoughts, my feelings, the wonderful holiness that I see in the simple, gentle people that God sends to me.

As soon as I came to the Philippines I realized that the Filipinos were the loveliest people in the world. It was a gift of God, a special blessing, that He sent me here.

I have been thanked for giving my life to the Philippines. . . . . But whenever you give, you always get back more than you have given.

Thank you

• for your gift of friendship through these many long years

• for reading “At 3:00 A.M.” from the time I started writing my column

• for your reactions through letters and phone calls when you liked or did not like what I wrote

• for sharing your stories which inspired me to write them so that they could inspire others

• for your love and concern

• for your prayers which comfort me and which I need.

I have tried to be a priest. A priest is a bridge. . . . a bridge between God and man. . . . . . A channel of God’s love, peace and joy.

What I have found in the Philippines is union. . . . . union of hearts and minds. . . . It is marked by sharing. . . . . The simple, gentle Filipino is willing to share all he has, with everyone.

That is holiness. . . . . That is sanctity. . . . . . That is being like God.

In heaven we will all be one – united in heart and soul. . . . . Loving each other.

In this column written at 3:00 a.m. that was my only message. . . . give. . . . give yourself. . . . . love.

And when I presented this, I discovered what it meant, myself.

Being strong, sometimes, means being able to let go. I know that now is the time to “let go”. I have been up at 3:00 a.m. to write my column for many, many years. It is now time for me to stay in bed until the sun comes up and the birds start to sing.

This is not goodbye. Wherever I am, whatever I do, you are always in my heart and in my prayers. All of you.

God bless!

The song is ended. . . . but the melody lingers on. . . . and on. . . and on.

I love those who have read this column. . . .And I hope that they love me.

* * *

For those who are interested, here is my prayer that I would like to share with you.

Lord God,

Look down upon us, this day, this hour.

Regardless of what has gone before,

or what will come after,

give us the grace to consecrate this time entirely to You —

all the actions of our body and soul.

May all the thoughts that come to us

be true.

May all the things to which our hearts go out

be beautiful, with the beauty of God.

May all the things we want be good.

Give us the light to see Your Will,

the grace to love it

and the courage and strength

to do it.

We ask you this through Christ Our Lord.