7th Apologetics Talk: Sacraments II (Priesthood, Confession and Holy Eucharist)

Fr. Abe, speaker for Sacraments II on Priesthood and the Eucharist

Fr. Abe, speaker on Sacraments II (Priesthood, Confession and Holy Eucharist)

Sir Henry for a brief introduction

Sir Henry with some brief announcements

Bro.Mars introduces Fr.Abe

Bro.Mars gives a brief background of Fr.Abe's profile in the arena of apologetics

Fr.Abe explaining

Fr. Abe explaining the origin of the Sacraments of Priesthood, Holy Eucharist and Confession by tracing it from the Scriptures in both Old and New Testament

Fr.Abe with the audience

Fr.Abe with the audience

Fr.Abe in closer profile

Fr.Abe stresses an important point on the Holy Priesthood

Q&A portion

Q&A portion

Closing prayer

Fr.Abe leading the closing prayer by singing Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat

Fr.Abe with the audience and DFFers


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