9th Apologetics Talk: The Blessed Trinity and Christology

Speaker, Fr.Carlos Estrada

Fr.Carlos Estrada, speaker on the Blessed Trinity and Christology


A very attentive audience

Fr.Estrada discussing the Trinitarian faith

Fr.Estrada discussing the Trinitarian faith based from Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition emphasizing what the Early Fathers have taught

Father and Child, learning apologetics

father and young kid, learning apologetics together =) Aww....

a young kid reading the handouts

the young kid reading the handouts on Christology (little Bro.Mars in the making?)

DFF's selling booth

What's on DFF's selling booth: Crossing the Tiber by Stephen Ray, Know the Truth Magazine and some cassette tapes on Conversion Story of Kimberly Hahn

Fr.Estrada stressing a point

Fr.Estrada stressing on the Divinity of Our Lord

Audience jotting down in their notes

Audience are intently listening and copiously jotting down their notes

Sir Tom, Sir Henry, Bro.Mars, Raffy and Rudolf

By the aisle: Sir Tom and Sir Henry looks on while Bro.Mars, Raffy and Rudolf are discussing among themselves

A smiling Father

A smiling Father with his good humor =)

Sir Henry, Fr.Carlos and Bro. Mars

Q&A portion: Sir Henry, Fr.Carlos and Bro. Mars

Fr.Estrada answering a question

Q&A: Fr.Estrada answering an oft-posed question

PV enunciating the questions of the audience

PV enunciating the questions of the audience

Bro. Mars joins in providing the "street corner apologetics" perspective

Bro. Mars joins in for the street corner apologetics perspective


Fr.Estrada answering questions

attentive audience

Again, attentive audience

Bro. Mars and his funny sensible retorts

Bro. Mars with his funny but sensible retorts while Fr.Estrada chuckles on


7th Apologetics Talk: Sacraments II (Priesthood, Confession and Holy Eucharist)

Fr. Abe, speaker for Sacraments II on Priesthood and the Eucharist

Fr. Abe, speaker on Sacraments II (Priesthood, Confession and Holy Eucharist)

Sir Henry for a brief introduction

Sir Henry with some brief announcements

Bro.Mars introduces Fr.Abe

Bro.Mars gives a brief background of Fr.Abe's profile in the arena of apologetics

Fr.Abe explaining

Fr. Abe explaining the origin of the Sacraments of Priesthood, Holy Eucharist and Confession by tracing it from the Scriptures in both Old and New Testament

Fr.Abe with the audience

Fr.Abe with the audience

Fr.Abe in closer profile

Fr.Abe stresses an important point on the Holy Priesthood

Q&A portion

Q&A portion

Closing prayer

Fr.Abe leading the closing prayer by singing Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat

Fr.Abe with the audience and DFFers