4th Apologetics Talk: Papacy

We transferred to a different venue at Mary the Queen Parish and it’s even bigger than the previous one.   We are pleased that the same crowd has been consistent  in their attendance and  at the same time we are happy to see some new and younger faces in the crowd.  By this week, starting October 4 until December 13, the remaining apologetics sessions will be held at Lay Force at San Carlos Seminary Makati.  So hope to see the same crowd and those who would still like to attend. Some pictures below from last Saturday’s talk:
Bro. Mars on Papacy

Bro. Mars discussing Papacy





Q&A portion

Q&A portion

Carlos joined Bro. Mars in the Q&A portion.  Even off-the-cuff questions from the audience, their tandem (one provides the historical basis while the other, the scriptural basis) has never failed to answer all questions regarding anything (from were there 3 Popes reigning, anti-popes,  is infallibility the same with  not sinning etc.) that has to do with the topic at hand.


Sir Henry and yours truly with the audience. Thanks to Rudolf for this shot.

Sir Henry, Carlos, and Bro. Mars

After the talk, we prayed the prayer for our Sovereign Pontiff and the Angelus.  Suddenly, people joyfully applauded after the closing prayer.  Well,  if you were there, one can sense that gladness in knowing more about God and His Church.


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