2008 Apologetics Course Kick-Off

The 2008 Apologetics Course kicks-off in Mary the Queen Parish (St. Ignatius Room) last Saturday,  September 6.  I was one of the early birds to have arrived to prepare the registration proper. But, lo and behold,  when I went inside St. Ignatius room, I was surprised to find around 30 early bird attendees who were very early before the time registration at 8:30am.  Wow, these early bird seminar-ians are really eager to know more about Catholic Apologetics. Promptly at 9:00am, the seminar started with the opening prayer led by Bro. Mars Llasos, the speaker for that day.

Followed by the opening prayer was a brief presentation given by DFF’s Chairman, Henry Siy on DFF’s mission (that is, Making Good Catholics Better Catholics), past projects (past Apologetics seminars, Steve Ray & Tim Staple’s visit, Pro-Life Life Convert Dr. Nathanson, distribution of the encyclical Redemptionis Sacramentum etc), current and future ones.

DFF Chairman & Founding Member

Henry Siy, DFF Chairman & Founding Member

Bro. Mars started on explaining on the meaning of Apologetics, its areas along with the supportive biblical verses while ‘kapatyr na Shirley’ (tagabasa) looked on.  Their tandem really amused the audience during the  whole seminar.  As usual, Bro. Mars has never failed to amaze his audience with his talataan and side-comments.

Bro. Mars kicks-off on the Introduction to Apologetics

Bro. Mars kicks-off on the Introduction to Apologetics

Another Founding Member present was Tom Borromeo, who spearheaded the technical aspects for the talk. Tagging along with him is Joseph, his adorable little kid who also helped in the seminar.

A former born again pastor couldn’t help but share his zeal for finding the fullness of truth in the  Catholic faith.

The Q&A portion was moderated by PV Beley.

A total of 74 participants (not including the past seminar-ians) attended the talk. What a record! One of the highlights of the seminar was the presence of Cenon Bibe whose regular column in Tumbok tabloid was responsible for the many participants.

Please find Fr. Abe’s blog and Rudolf’s blog entry one and two for more pictures.

We would like to thank those who supported this first talk. The 2006 batch, my co-seminarians: Shirley (tagabasa), PV, Kit, Malou and Harold.  Also, the 2007 batch of seminar-ians: Mon and Rudolf.   Of course, we are very grateful for those whom we’ve invited who came.

May the seeds planted bear much fruit.

Our Lady

Our Lady

Sedes sapientiae, ora pro nobis.



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